Tuesday, May 10, 2011


When you think more positively, you will be much happier. If you always imagine bad things happening, you will never get peace of mind. It is our best interest to think that the future is bright. Trust yourself. Never listen to your fears. Listen to your faith. Fill your mind with thought of faith, confidence, and security. This way you will be more relaxed and do better at everything that you do.
You are born to succeed; anyone who tells you differently is ignorant of a universal truth. Self-management of mind is the key to all success; what you think, feel and believe, you ultimately become. To master your own destiny you must control your thought processes.
Despondency, inferiority, disappointment, tension and fear are self-imposed destructive forces brought about by a pattern of your negative thinking. Affirmative and negative thought patterns cannot occupy your mind at the same time, one or other must dominate. The pattern which consistently dominates decides your future; success or failure.
Positive thinking is the necessary key to the demonstration of health, happiness, love, inner peace, self-confidence, material wealth, indeed the accomplishment of everything that makes life a joyful experience.
You are the president of a corporation 'SELF.' If there are negative conditions holding you back, you alone are responsible, not others or external circumstances. Personal problem solving is a do it yourself operation. When you're wrong, admit to it. Don't resent others of authority telling you that you're wrong. Learn from your mistakes. A single failure does not mean permanent failure, nor does one success mean permanent success unless you use that initial success as a stepping stone to a higher plateau and further creative accomplishment. Real winner never quit their fight. No matter how many storms they will have to go through. Understand that achievement does not just happen to a few selected people. You must rule. Your destiny is in your own hands.
Thank you for taking your time with me, its great being with you. But reading is not enough. If you really hope to attain a successful life, please keep your mind open, go back and practice persistently the suggestions. Keep at it. The results will come. It will give me great happiness 2 know that the article has helped you. We may never meet in person, but in this article we have met. We are spiritual friends. I pray for you. God will help you, so believe and live successfully. As someone has said, the greatest room in the world is the room for self-improvement.
Last but not list to all the professionals and authors that I have read their books, or listened to their many presentations and used their concepts and knowledge. Thanks to all of you.

Love and blessings,

Robert Malugu

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"When I have listened to my mistakes, I have grown." - Hugh Prather

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