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The most complex mechanism known is the mind. We know something about the mind but not what it is. The mind is infinite and being so, cannot be encompassed. Today, we can orbit the earth's surface, yet, we cannot control our behaviour patterns adequately. One of the hardest things to do is to know the self and to change the self. Even though our current knowledge of the mind is limited, it is sufficient knowledge to enable us to do this.
If we fully explore the powers of the mind and diligently apply known cosmic laws pertaining to our existence, we can soar to greater heights of personal accomplishment, prosperity and happiness.

The greatest truth you can know about success is that you can control your destiny by governing your thoughts. When you take charge of your thoughts you become master of your existence.

The power of the human mind is almost beyond belief. Dr. Norman Peale, author of The Power of Positive Thinking is often quoted as saying: 'There is enough atomic energy within man's mind to blow up the city of New York.' It has been estimated that man uses less than 10 percent of his mind potential. Albert Einstein, a recognized genius in his field, used less than 15 percent. Life's riches are within the mind. The great powers of mind are within everyone. There is a gold mine within from which every man can draw all that is necessary for abundant living.

If you clutter and jam your mind with false impressions and beliefs it will react in exactly the same manner as a computer fed with wrong information. When you cease playing the role of slave to your mind and holding to negative thought, ideas and feelings, you will have learned the secret of successful living.

Success = affirmative state of mind. Failure = negative state of mind. It’s appropriate to label failure disease of the mind, for it manifests poor health, insecurity, poverty and dozen or so other undesirable conditions.
You are blessed with freedom of choice. To choose the type of life you will lead is your God-given right. The truth of your being is that God is seeking to express creativity through you, and He does this through your mind when you let Him. Success is a state of mind. You control the degree of success by controlling your thoughts. Its good insurance to choose to think affirmatively.

The principal of any science is invisible and it is theoretical. Our idea of Spirit is theoretical. No one has seen the mind. The mind is invisible; no man has been able to isolate it within the body of the man yet is there. No one has seen God. God is invisible, yet God is there. No one has seen Intelligence. Intelligence is and we use it.

Nature must work through man in order to work for him. The brain is the instrument of the mind. The brain does not think. The mind thinks using the brain as its instrument. The mind, being greater than the brain, rules the body. The body is the servant of the mind. Without the mind the body would cease to function.

The law of mind is the law of belief. The mind never produces external conditions according to facts, but according to the belief held about those facts. This clearly indicates that man's life is governed by belief.

Your future is in your mind based on your pattern of thinking. The mind must actualize what it believes to be true. That's why you should always believe that you will succeed in every undertaking. Your mind is like a giant broadcasting and receiving station. It is the sender and receiver of electrical vibrations or thought waves.

There are three known levels of the mind but only one mind. The first level is the objective or conscious mind which is also called the originator. The second level is the subjective or subconscious mind. The third level is the High Self or superconscious mind.

Is the thinking mind and the Spirit of man. Conscious mind has the ability to rationalize, but not to remember. The conscious mind, being the reasoning mind, makes daily decision such as the selection of clothes to wear, the type of food to be eaten, the papers and book to be read, etc. All decisions are made by the conscious mind. It gains knowledge by making use of the five senses: touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste. Whatever is rationalized and accepted in the form of belief by conscious mind is then passed to the subconscious where it is stored as information for future recall by the conscious mind. The subconscious is unable to reason whether what it has accepted is true or false. It will accept a lie as readily as the truth, this is the reason all thoughts, ideas and feelings passed to the subconscious should be of an affirmative nature. Thoughts formulated in the conscious mind and passed to the subconscious for processing shape.

The subconscious is the storehouse of thoughts, feelings and beliefs passed along by the conscious mind. It is the instrument of memory. Thoughts can be recalled by the subconscious days, weeks or years after leaving the conscious mind. It has the ability to remember but can reason deductively. It actually controls and directs our entire destiny. It acts upon negative beliefs in exactly the same way as affirmative beliefs. The subconscious mind acts in exactly the same manner toward negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs as it does toward affirmative thoughts, feelings and beliefs.
The subconscious mind is also the Soul of man. The Soul receives impressions from the Spirit or conscious mind. The subconscious mind is the power which does not reason, but which turns into reality that which has already been reasoned. It is the power that keeps the body functioning. It is the power within which heals and the power within which accomplishes.

Little has been written about the superconscious mind. This ever-present Spirit is man's direct link to his Creator, for the superconscious is the God Mind within and without. It is the High Self of man.

The famous Swiss psychiatrist Dr. Carl Jung, believed the conscience to be the spiritual part of man. Dr. Jung called it the superconscious and maintained that it was part of a universal subconscious mind joined to God.
The superconscious uses a form of thinking great than either reason or memory, although it is capable of both. Having a higher form of mentation, the superconscious has knowledge of past, present and the future.

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With love and appreciation for you and your determination to move forward,

Robert Malugu

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