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The best place for anyone to learn human virtues is the home. Parents are the first and primary educators of their children, and the home is the first school for developing virtues.

The aim of family education is to foster the development of each child's talent and potential. The best inheritance parents can leave to their children is the ability to stand on their own and develop evenly through life.

Parents teach their children in matters of faith, manners, fashion, study, virtues and others. It matter will also be of value to school teachers, tutors, mentors and counsellors.

It is obvious that the development of any society depends on education. Education empowers people, providing them with strong analytical and problem solving skills. These skills are used to overcome challenges that a given society faces. Teachers give students knowledge and skills that would in turn be used to solve complex socio-economic issues. A good teacher produces students who are productive to society. The teacher is the main actor in learning process.

A teacher's influence extends into eternity. While Emerson declared that men are what their mothers make them. Aristotle placed teachers on a higher plane when he said: "They who educate children are to be honoured more than those bear them for these only give life, those the art of living well.

"Lord, help teachers realize that a year of bad teaching in life of a child is a year lost. Enlighten teachers to bring the light of knowledge into the darkness of the mind. Grant all teachers patience and good health to be able to deal with the exuberance and waywardness of youth. May children respect and remember their teachers with gratitude and love, Amen."
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