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Before you rush into reading this article – you might also like to check out Discovering Your Talents. Everyone has hidden abilities. Your job is to discover and develop them. I believe that most of our problems arise when we lose faith in ourselves, giving that faith energy is what is required. Studies show that most people are dissatisfied with their lives in some way or another, most often with their work.

There are things you can do that can expose those hidden gems inside – those latent or forgotten talents waiting to be dug up. Here is how to go about discovering hidden abilities with 5 practical tips for helping you find your hidden talents.

  1. Devote the next 30 minutes to writing down your good and less than perfect personality traits. You don’t want to dwell on what’s wrong with you, but you want to know your weaknesses and work to improve them while you search for your hidden talents.

  1. Do you have something that you have accomplished that makes you feel proud?   List the things you have accomplished and the things you wish to accomplish. 

  1. Write a one page biography on your life to this present day. Learn more about how to write a personal bio

  1. Make a list of the compliments you have received from your family and friends: pleasant smile, firm handshake, immaculate dress, ability to express your point of view and so on. 

  1. Make a list of the things at which you excel: hobbies, sports, and talents. Add to this list the things at which you will like to excel.

My friend Gilbert Ross on his article 10 Tips for Finding Your Hidden Talents said that, “People are meant to be happy, but so many never develop into all that they can be.”  Now you have a composite of ‘the sort of person I am’ and ‘the sort of person I wish to be’. Carefully analyze what you have written and you will discover that you have qualities that you never imagined yourself to possess. 

As I mentioned in The Power of Self-talk, pay attention to the thoughts you think. Do your best to allow into your mind only the thoughts that bring good, happy, and positive results, and avoid negative thoughts. Otherwise, you could be wandering through life missing out on valuable opportunities because of your failure to tap dormant talents.

Have a great day.

With your success in mind,

Robert Malugu

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