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These suggestions will help you to relax and have easy power. For just relaxation isn't the point: the point is to make use of our maximum ability through added strength that comes of relaxing our bodies and minds and letting God do it, through us.

1.    Don't get the idea that you are Mt. Kilimanjaro, carrying the weight of the heavens on your shoulders. Don't strain so hard; don't take yourself so seriously.

2.    Determine to like your work. Make yourself like it; you can. No matter what you are doing, studying a subject in which you aren't interested, cutting the grass for your father, going on an errand for your mother, make up your mind that it's fun.
A lot of us have chores to do that don't interest us at all. But we can tell ourselves how necessary they are; we can imagine what things would be like if they went undone. And presently, we will find that they are done. And we haven't minded. Find ways to help yourself to like your work.

3.    Plan your work. And then follow your plan; make it come true. Lack of planning, procrastination, doing only the things we enjoy doing and putting off untill last the things we don't like - that's the way we gets that swamped feeling.  Let's say you like biology but hate mathematics. All right. Begin with mathematics. You will be doing the disliked thing when you are freshest, and also, with it out of the way the rest will come easier.

4.    Don't try to do everything at once. For example, you have four preparations for tomorrow's lessons. Forget three of them and concentrate on the one you have decided to take first. Pretend to yourself that is the only one you have to do; and that ynu don't need to hurry. Your preparation will go not only better but more quickly. Because you will be giving the whole of your mind to the task.
Time, you know, is spread out. No two minutes occupy the same space. They come along one after the other. And one can't appear until its predecessor is out of the way. Heed this example from the Bible: "This one thing I do" - Philippians 3:13.

5.    Get a correct mental attitude. Remember that the ease or the difficulty of the work ahead of you depends on how you think about it. Think it's going to be hard, and you make it hard. Think it's going to be easy, and you will find it tends to be easy.

6.    Become efficient at your work. Recall section 3, the thing you learn to do well, you learn to like to do. Don't bother about thinking whether you like it or not; don't waste time trying to get out of doing it. Get down to it. And learn to do it so well that you will be proud of the result.

7.    Practise being relaxed. If the job ahead of you is something you dread, relax. If you let it make you tense, it will be twice as difficult. If it is something you hate doing and know you must do, relax. The sooner you get at it, the sooner it will be finished. Take it in your stride; start at it. And if it's something you aren't sure you are able to do, all the more will you need to relax. For you will need the extra skill that comes of "Easy does it."

8.    Discipline yourself. Life grows easier, more interesting and we grow more efficient as we form the habit of doing what we tell ourselves to do. Don't let yourself dodge and evade the job you don't like. Do it. Keep your work up to schedule.
A person never is very proud of himself when he goes to bet at night, knowing there was something he had to do that day which he has not done. Self-discipline is very important, not only to efficiency but to personal satisfaction as well.

9.    Pray about your work. This means praying frequently, even while you're at the job. For example, "If the answer to this problem is wrong, God, make me uneasy about it so I shall know it's wrong and go over the work and find the mistake." Pray all the time about everything.

10.  Remember that God is really your unseen partner. All that is needed is for you to ask Him and open your mind and heart to Him. He knows more about the jobs you have been given to do than you do. Take His help. It will make your work easy.

With love and appreciation,

Robert Malugu

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