Monday, June 13, 2011


Everyone wants people to like him. It is a basic need with you and with me. It is a natural and a healthy instinct, and when someone says he doesn't care whether others like him, he isn't telling the truth to you or to himself.

The basic principles of getting people to like you are very simple. They are not difficult or complicated. Anyone can master them. Bellow are ten practical rules for winning the respect and regard of others. Practise them and people will like you.

1.    Learn to remember names. It is a most delicate form of showing esteem and always pleases. Listen carefully when the name is given; try to associate it with the face of the person so that one calls up the other in your mind. Rehearse it to yourself, concentrate on the person, remembering the face, repeating the name.

2.    Be a comfortable sort of person; someone whom it is easy to meet, easy to talk to, pleasant to see again; in other words an old shoe sort of person.

3.    Be relaxed. If you have learned to be an easy-going sort of person whom nothing upsets, then people are going to like seeing you, being with you.

4.    Don't pet your own ego; pet the other fellow's instead. Don't think you know it all. Learn to be humble.

5.    Be an interesting person from whom other people get something of value. Read a lot; talk with people who know something you don't know; get about. Keep your mind open. Listen more than you talk. To be interesting you must be interested.

6.    Don't be scratchy or difficult. A person who is irritable isn't a pleasant person. Nobody wants to associate with him.

7.    Don't let misunderstanding grow. With honest God's love in your heart, try to come to terms with anybody with whom you have had trouble. Forget your grievances. Don't carry them in your heart.

8.    Practise liking people. If you keep at it, you will make it true. Try to be like Will Rogers who was able to say, "I never met a man I didn't like."

9.    Never miss an opportunity to congratulate another on his achievements, or on his good fortune. Remember always to express sympathy when he has cause for grief. Share other's good and bad days. Practise real spiritual fellowship with people.

10.  And this is the most important of all. Get a deep spiritual experience. Get God into your heart and life. When you know God you have something to give other people that is priceless. With Him and His help, you can help them.

Give love to people; and you will give them strength. And they in turn will give you affection. It's really easy to get people to like you. You have only to like them.

With love and appreciation,

Robert Malugu

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“Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso 

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