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The laws life belongs to the Wisdom of the Ages. They have been revealed to man through the years as the underlying principles from which all philosophies, religions and methods of living spring. They stem from the Infinite Mind of God. They are His laws presented to man so that he might live an orderly existence.

When man works in harmony with the laws of life he guarantees for himself health, happiness and abundance. To oppose them is to have conflict and disorder reign. Harmonize with the laws of life and you will experience a life of positive good.

The force behind all life is energy. Everything we touch, taste, smell, see, hear and think is energy. We cannot create or destroy energy but we can change it.
The use of energy is centred around our thoughts which motivate activity. We think and create ideas, make decisions, then churn thoughts into action. The force behind this is energy. We cannot create this life force but we can change its pattern when reserves of energy are at low ebb.
There is always an abundance of energy at your disposal to complete every task regardless of how down you may feel. Enjoy life more by calling up your unlimited reserves of energy. Release the valve and allow the life-pressure to surge through your system rejuvenating your mind and body for health, happiness and greater accomplishment. Controlled energy multiplies your power to get from life that which you most desire. It is driving force behind all monumental accomplishment.

In seeing the end result of a goal, the means to the accomplishment of the goal is created. This law demonstrates that man attracts to him the necessary elements for the accomplishment of goals, if he is able to see and feel the reality of his desires.
Apply the law of attraction to get affirmative results in your life. Feed your subconscious with definite ideas of what you want. Visualize yourself in the role you wish to play in life and affirm in your mind that you’re capable of success.
Your subconscious will respond by finding the means to the end, attracting more health, more prosperity and more happiness.

Things come in pairs. There is a positive and negative effect on all things. All opposites are the same is nature but differ by degree: sickness and health, poverty and wealth, good and evil, etc.
Knowing that there is a positive and negative side to everything gives us hope for better things to appear; perfect smile following tears. Realizing that ill-health has its opposite will being, encourages to confidently work for a state of well being by controlling negative emotions such as, fear, anxiety, tension and worry.
The law of opposite might also be called the law of substitution, knowing that something good can be substituted for something of a negative nature. When we apply this law by calling for the positive opposite to the negative situation, we can expect: love for hate and confidence for fear.
Wherever negative conditions enter your life apply the law of opposite: substitute the affirmative opposite for the negative condition.

All things in this universe are in constant motion. Everything vibrates. All matter regardless of apparent solidify, is made up of atoms that, in turn, are made up of protons around which electrons are spinning.
We can use this principle to advantage by realizing that vibrations can be transmitted from one person to another in the form of thoughts and feelings. Humans radiate a magnetic energy, revealing their true personality which others can sense.
Understanding that everything is in motion and balanced in the universe, gives us a clue in the care of the mind and body. When we are out of sorts, it is because our thought vibrations are negative. We are off-balance with nature. We are projecting negative attitude that return negative circumstance, which in turn, brings about highly destructive emotions such as fear, frustration, anxiety, jealously, hate and hostility. Refrain from projecting negative thoughts and feelings.
Two things produce a third. There is male and female principle behind all creation. The masculine and feminine principle gives rise to a third form. Relating this principle to our goals, we find that ideas originating in the conscious mind (male principle) and accepted by the subconscious, (female principle) are brought to life in the form of the action that takes place. It is important to sow thoughts of an affirmative nature, for as they are accepted by the subconscious they are born as affirmative conditions. In like manner, when the subconscious is impregnated with negative thoughts, negative conditions are born into your life.

Everything in the universe is in perfect balance and rhythm; seasons, tides and even our emotional moods, when we adhere to a constructive pattern of thought.
When a negative state of mind occurs we are physically and mentally off-balance and out of rhythm with the orderly rhythm of things by reversing the pattern of thought. Accentuate the positive one refuse the negative. An affirmative thought pattern keeps your emotions in balance.

Every cause has its effect. Other descriptive terms might be: sow and reap, give and get, action and reaction. This law establishes clearly that there is no such thing as chance.
Whatever you do and say, returns to you in a like manner. The law of cause and effect is one of fair play. Choose thoughts and actions wisely, for you will reap what you sow.

There is a direct relationship between the thoughts we think and the acts we perform. Look at your thoughts, check them before they manifest as outer circumstance in your life. Man creates ulcers, heart attacks and various other illnesses, because of the way he thinks and feels about himself and his environment, rather than what he eats. See situations as they really are in true perspective rather than as they appear to be.

Gravitation is to tend towards a centre of attraction. Use this principle to attract the good things of life. Establish a mental picture to attract the good things of life. Establish a mental picture of yourself as a centre, toward which health, happiness, riches, gravitate. Your centre of gravity will be strong if your consciousness pattern is an affirmative one.

The law of mind is the law of belief. Everything which happens in life begins as a thought in your conscious mind. There is no power in anything. The power is within man's mind; the way in which he thinks, feels and believes.
You have the power within your mind to override all obstacles. As you think, feel and believe, so will be your outer circumstance.
You win success by believing you can succeed. Your life is guided by what you believe to be true about yourself, things and other people. Belief is the power behind all great accomplishment. In belief lies the secret of all valuable exertion - Bulwer.

The reason so many people are in conflict with themselves, things and other people, is because the misuse the laws of life. Laws govern our existence. We cannot escape them, for there is principle working through everything we come in contact with. No one, yet, has been able to plant an orange seed and bring forth a carrot; its contrary to principle - like attracts like. Observe the laws, obey the laws and you will enhance your existence.

With love and appreciation,

Robert Malugu

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