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To grow is to change. In order to grow up properly there are three questions that every boy should ask himself: Who am I? Where am I going? How do I get to where I am going?

This article aims at helping boys to understand for themselves who they are, and how to grow up to so that they may become the kind of men that the society expects.

A human person
Every human being is a total person, who is composed of body, mind and soul. These three aspects of a person interrelate and interact. What affects one aspect of the person will also affect the other aspects. For instance, if someone is mentally upset, his soul or spiritual life will also be affected.

The body: This is the physical aspect of the person. It is where basic needs are expressed, e.g. hunger, feelings, sexual urges, desires.

The mind
This represents your intellect. Because you are intelligent, you are able to learn new things, to make choices and decisions. God has given you a free will with which to make choices and decisions.

The soul
God breathed into us his life-giving breath, and because of this life of God in us, we have the potential for goodness. As a human person, you need to understand both the changes that take place in you as you grow physically and how to try to cope with them. You need to acquire the knowledge to make positive decisions and develop good values in life.

Being a human person distinguishes you from all other creatures because you have an eternal soul and your intellectual powers are high. You are therefore expected to develop human values.

Created in the image of God
 God said, "Let us make man in our image, after our own likeness..." - Genesis 1:24. This shows how special each person is, and the dinity God has given to us. God used dust to create male and bone to create female, yet breathed the same spirit into each one of them. This means that boys should respect their own uniqueness and the uniqueness of others.

Sexual beings
Today many young people all over the world have distorted attitudes about their sexuality. Most think of their sexuality in terms of the reproductive organs and their functions. However, sexuality is not what you do but what you are. As a boy, you will behave completely differently from a girl, because you are living your masculinity. Girls are different from boys because they are naturally living their femininity. You may undergo changes as you mature but your sexuality does not change. You remain a male.

Being in a relationship
You are born from the loving relationship of your parents, and God gave you an immortal soul. Humanly speaking, a boy or a girl as long as he or she is within human society will not survive without social relationships. It is normal and healthy to desire and develop relationships and friendships with other persons. One of such friendships may lead to marriage and family life.

Each boy is unique in every way. God created you at your own time and gave you an immortal soul. You are totally different from any other boy; you have unique talents, weaknesses, strengths, abilities and ways of doing things. God deals with you individually, not as part of a crowd. As a young man, you occupy a very important place in your family, school and society. Among your peers, you mean so much because without you, socially, there is a vacuum which can be filled by no one else but you.

Life Hereafter
You will also die a unique death and occupy a place uniquely reserved for you in heaven.

A Gift from God
Each individual person is a gift from God to himself. He has freely given us his life, so in our turn we need to share this life with others.
Also He has given you the gift of life within a given cultural context: African, Asian, European or whatever which you need to esteem and appreciate.

To your success,

Robert Malugu

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