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Positive thinking involves giving yourself a certain kind of self-talk in which you have a positive outlook on life, and on events that happen to you. It also involves self-talk in which you set big goals, and then tell yourself, “I can and I will accomplish this dream, I’m prepared to pay the price, no matter what it demands of me.”

Positive thinking is very helpful as a bright outlook and positive action will help you achieve your goals as it enables you to use your capacities to the fullest.

A danger of positive thinking is that every accomplishment requires certain abilities. If you set your goals beyond your capacities failure to reach those goals may be frustrating, depressing, and reinforce a sense of failure.

Thank you for taking your time with me, its great being with you. But reading is not enough. It will give me great happiness to know that the article has helped you. We may never meet in person, but in this article we have met. We are spiritual friends. I pray for you. God will help you, so believe and live successfully. As someone has said, the greatest room in the world is the room for self-improvement.

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Remember, confidence comes from competence and competence comes from proper training and practice.
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